Clipix: Valentine’s Day Edition

Today we are exactly 34 days away from the most romantic day/night of the year, Valentine’s Day.  Each year, people go nuts trying to make V-Day as perfect as possible for their special somebody.  For some people not as much, but for those of you who do take Valentine’s Day seriously, Clipix can help make this one memorable, romantic and most importantly, stress-free.


Map & Share Your Favorite Locations

Every summer since I was 13 years old, my younger brother and I have gone down to Port St. Lucie, FL to visit my grandparents.  It seemed that with each summer brought new experiences at different locations all over the state of Florida.

Nevertheless, we could never remember the names of the smaller local restaurants, museums and other hidden gems of Florida that we visited in the years past.  I mean realistically, aside from Disney World, Universal Studios and the occasional ball game at Marlins Park, two kids from Jersey “ain’t gonna remember” the names and locations of all the great places they experienced in Florida over the span of more than a decade.


Ticket Buying Made Organized

Due to technological advances (and large profits), the online market of ticket buying has grown considerably. Between StubHub, SeatGeek, Ticketmaster and wherever else, the internet has accumulated such a wide variety of places to buy tickets from.

When I’m ticket hunting online, I frequently find that some sites have either better prices or better available seating than others. Then, after I’ve done my research, I normally have trouble remembering the site that had the best available seats for the most affordable prices.  I could’ve written down the details, but let’s be honest; in the age of technology, there must be an easier method.


Clipix 101: Uploading Emails

If you’re like many people living in 2015, you most likely receive a plethora of emails over the course of the average work week. At home, school and/or work; from friends, family and/or colleagues; your emails can certainly become shuffled, and tough to keep organized.

I cannot even fathom the amount of times that I’ve gotten an important email from either a family member or a coworker, and then days, weeks, months (and sometimes just hours) later, when I want to see it again; I can’t find it.


Clipix 101: Uploading Content

Clipix has established the reputation of being a great tool for saving and organizing what you find online.  Yet, in addition to that, it’s an extremely useful tool for saving and organizing your offline work as well.

In fact, using Clipix to save and organize your personal files is just as efficient as using Clipix while surfing the web. On Clipix, you can upload content directly from your computer; including word documents, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets and PDF files.


Clipix 101: What’s a Clip?

Clipix is a great source for saving and organizing all of your digital content in one place.  With just a click of a button, you can save any piece of online or offline information that you desire.

Clipix is based around the idea of “clipping”.  Anything you save online, or upload from your computer offline, is called a Clip.  From an interesting news article, to an unusual cooking recipe or even a word document; clips can be anything that peak your interest.


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