Roadtrip! Planning a Trip with Clipix

Remember those places you’ve always dreamed to see? Let’s not call it a dream – let’s call it a plan.

Fashion designer Michael Kors once said “travel is the ultimate inspiration”. And he was completely right: visiting new places, seeing different things and trying new experiences can definitely make our lives richer, whether you are a stylist or you work at an office from nine to five.

Leaving our comfort zones isn’t easy, especially when it comes to travel. There is a lot that we should plan ahead to avoid bigger problems in places we don’t know. And Clipix is absolutely perfect for all that.

Everything ready to go?

Considering roadtripping with friends, or maybe backpacking through new countries?

That could definitely make us a little bit lost. Where to start? And which is the best path to follow in order to enjoy the most of it? Also – which attractions will be on our way?

The questions are plenty (and could get a bit confusing). But planning gets easy with Clipix:

You can start by building a Clipboard where you can put every city you feel like seeing during your trip. Once you have decided which places to go, it’s time to trace the best route.

Every small town or big city you choose to visit have a lot more to offer than just the big touristic spots they have probably become famous for. That is when the Multiboard comes in handy: instead of leaving all that important information you’d like to save completely loose in a single Clipboard, how about creating multiple Clipboards and keeping them all together? This way, you can separate Clipboards according to each town you visit and the things you’d like to see there, but still keep them all in the same place by merging them together in a Multiboard.

Neat and organized – can’t wait to get to LA!

But hang on – what if you’re not traveling alone? A simple solution for that: add everyone that is coming along with you to the Clipboards you’ve created, turning them into Syncboards! This way they’ll be able to add their own Clips, as well as commenting in real time on what you have saved.

Next step should be getting your printer ready, right? … not really! Clipix is accessible not only through your computer, but also on your smartphone. Just download the Clipix app and you’ll be able to have everything you’ve saved right on your palm. It’s THAT easy. (Just make sure you bring your battery charger).

Remember that one place? Yes! Clipix remembers too!

And there’s another plus: Clipix will keep you connected to where you are, since you can use your Clipix mobile will to save every single location you’d like. Perfect coordinates that keeps you from going crazy and getting lost at the very last minute.

Are you planning a trip? Use Clipix to help and bon voyage!

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