Shoe Lovers, Unite: Clipix for Shoe Collectors

We probably all know Cinderella, right? That fairy tale of a girl who, after losing a glass slipper on the stairways of the palace, ends up being found (and living happily ever after) by Prince Charming himself.

Basically, and who am I to disagree, Cinderella is the proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life. Shoes have been on the top of the list of fashionable icons of desire for a very, very long time. From Dorothy’s red shoes to Carrie Bradshaw’s collection, shoes certainly are a super stylish obsession – then how about taking our shoe shopping to a next level? Clipix is the perfect tool for that.

Shoes (and Clipboards!) for every occasion!

Like anything else in fashion, shoe shopping follows trends that could get a little confusing with time. That’s when Clipix comes in: everything new that you might stumble upon online that you think you might forget later has its own place on Clipix. That picture of a trendsetter showing off a certain brand’s new pair of pumps? Save it on Clipix!

But oh, wait – those gorgeous pumps will only come out in a few months. Not to worry! Create a Sticky Note and save it to the same Clipboard with a reminder for their premiere day and there you go: you’ll have a Save-the-Date for your new pair of shoes.

Absolutely fa-bu-lous. The Price Drop Alert, I mean.

On Clipix, you can organize your content in any way you prefer. That means you can categorize your shoes at own convenience. Make Clipboards for shoes you’d like to buy, sneakers you want to learn how to pair with outfits or even those dreamy shoes you think you have no occasion for right now… but you might in a little bit!

All your styling tips on a single place.

Shoes are something wonderful to collect, indeed; but that could get (really) expensive. Clipix can help you with that, too – by setting a Price Drop Alert, Clipix will tell you when that amazing pair of boots you saw that other day (but thought were a little too much for your budget) becomes a little cheaper. Just select an amount you think would be reasonable to pay and once it goes on sale, boom! - Clipix will notify you right away. It’s so wonderful it is like finding the missing glass slipper again.

Ready to create an online collection? Clipix is the perfect tool for saving and organizing everything that’s important to you – including those new Louboutins. Happy organizing and happy shopping!

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