Clipix in the Classroom: Organize Your Studies

Everyone has their own way of studying – but it shouldn’t get messy. Whether in college, high school or even middle school, keeping your studies organized is crucial.

Let’s face it though – staying organized isn’t always easy – but it’s still a necessity. I remember my school life: from a stuffed backpack to a cramped locker to a premature career of paper hoarding. And now, as I nostalgically look back… All I wish is that I had Clipix through all that process.

Clipix is a cloud-based tool that can hep students save and organize all of their school-related files quickly and easily.

An article that might come in handy? Save it. A document that a friend sent you? Save that too! Just pick a Clipboard and you’ll never lose it.

Everything you save to Clipix is saved onto a Clipboard – a categorized online space to post sources, links, and anything else you need for a particular assignment or class.

Students can upload word documents, PowerPoint slides, PDF files, online downloads, voice clips and more. Whether it’s your class schedule or the final research paper of the semester; Clipix will be there for you!

Plus, students can combine any number of Clipboards onto Multiboards – collections of clipboards that can be related to the same assignment, class or subject.

Everything in its right place. “Group Project (Gettysburg)” is shared as a Syncboard.

But wait – have a feeling that you’re the only one doing research for that group project?

With Clipix, students are able to collaborate on group assignments using Syncboards – converted Clipboards that allow each member of the group to add and comment on clips to the same board in real time.

And since we’re facedown in our phones most of the time anyway, students can easily work on any assignment on-the-go – using the Clipix mobile app.  

Take your studies to the next level. Save and organize everything you learn with Clipix!

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