Dieting is easier with Clipix: Go Vegan!

You know what they say – old habits die hard.

When it comes to eating… it could get even worse. Especially if you have to quit eating a certain ingredient for some reason. With an infinite amount of options available, picking what to eat is hard enough when you can eat it all; imagine how hard it can get if your diet is somewhat restrictive for a reason.

Vegetarians know it very well, believe me. I can hear the infamous questions already: “But where do you get your protein intake from?”, or maybe “how could you give up on sushi?”, and even “but this is chicken, you can eat it, right”. And the list goes on and on.

I don’t see any chicken here, my friends :)

Being vegan is even harder. Vegans have given up not only on meat itself, but also on all animal by-products: dairy, eggs, honey (and don’t forget the leather). This choice can come for many reasons: from health issues to advocating pro-animals, quitting items that come from animals can become confusing and even difficult, considering all the substitutions and new information you have to deal with.

How about using Clipix to organize not only your diet, but your life choices?

Being a Vegan becomes easy with Clipix. You can save all those new recipes on a Clipboard, and organize them neatly just as you like. Remember that cookie with bananas that substitute the eggs on the recipe? My friend sent me that recipe a long time ago… but it’s not lost: I saved it to Clipix, and I can try them the next time I bake!

Save everything you need to know about becoming vegan straight to Clipix.

You can also make a Clipboard only for recipes of full meals, or perhaps a list of substitutes – egg-free mayonnaise, dairy-free cheese… The possibilities are endless.

Remember those cookbooks you wanted to get? Save them to Clipix.

Or how about that vegan leather jacket you saw on sale, but thought was a little expensive at the time? Save that too!

Everything you need to know.

Wait, but I’ve been saving a lot of stuff now; things are becoming messy – not on Clipix. Not only can you create as many Clipboards as you like, you can also combine these Clipboards into a Multiboard, keeping them all together, yet perfectly organized.

Being vegan can be hard, but don’t forget it’s also awesome. Keep track of everything you need to reorganize your lifestyle. For those who eat meat but are still facing difficulties with your own diet… try Clipix, and organize everything you’d like to change in your life. Join now!

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