Find Your Next Dream Home With Clipix

When looking for a new place to call home, Clipix is the perfect tool to save everything homebuyers need to make a well-informed decision about their next dream property. Clip and save everything and anything related to the home buying process and have all the information stored in one convenient place. From house hunting ideas to new home renovation inspiration, it should all be saved and organized on Clipix.

Create Dedicated Clipboards

House hunting is overwhelming. There’s so much information exchanged online, most homebuyers must wade through a lot of junk before coming across the details they need. Take for example, online real estate listings. It’s very likely that many individuals will feel their brains turn to mush as they look at property after property. 

Once a property stands out, the individuals will want to easily save it to review more details later. With Clipix, this can be done with a touch of a button. Users only need  to install the “Save It” extension to their browsers and they can return to their favorite property listings at a later time. Create clipboards on Clipix to better organize properties. Examples of clipboards could be “Dream Houses,” “Maybe Houses,” and “Houses for Future Walkthroughs.” Update clipboards as houses are sold or reduce in price. When a buyer goes on a scheduled walkthrough or comes across a house with a “For Sale” sign, Clipix users can even scan any QR codes from the signage to instantly save the data to their clipboards.

The clipboards can be used for more than just organizing properties. Clipboards are essential for categorizing important emails related to a home search. Home shoppers can expect to receive hundreds of emails from realtors, mortgage brokers, banks, and lawyers as they go through the process of buying a new property. With Clipix, important emails can be saved and referenced later on the web or through the mobile application.

Turn your home boards into full resource boards stuffed with invaluable information. Boards can include clips that contain all the data you need to make an educated home buying decision: a direct link to a property listing, emails from brokers regarding the home, and links to statistics about the neighborhood that include tax and school zone information.

Sharing on Clipix

Clipix is geared to those who wish to share their home ideas with a specific person or group of people. Clipix’s Syncboards makes it easy to collaborate with your spouse or significant other during the home buying process. By creating Syncboards on Clipix, you and other Syncboard members can save and view clips in real time. 

Instead of spending painstaking amounts of time emailing and texting your house-hunting partner, you both can log onto Clipix to see what properties each of you have discovered. Invite your real estate broker to your boards as well. As the agent comes across properties that may interest you, ask him to save the links to the home boards for your review.

Design a Home With Clipix

Sometimes a person’s dream house is a culmination of ideas that they have. This is the reason Clipix is also ideal for someone who is looking into a new construction project or a home remodel. Clip images, videos, and websites to help customize a property to meet individual needs.

Make house hunting a fun and collaborative effort by joining Clipix today.

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