Manage Your Job Search with Clipix

Whether you are looking for a new job, or looking to hire someone for an available position, Clipix is an indispensable tool for all of the above. Here are some tips on how you can use Clipix to aid you in whatever stage of this process you are in.


The Job Hunt- Create Clipboards of Top Companies

If you have a pretty clear idea about the companies that you are interested in working for, start your job search by creating a clipboard of all of the companies that you plan to contact. Keeping your search organized and targeted is a path to finding a great job. You will want to refer back to these company pages frequently when you start sending out your resume and cover letters, so having them all together on one clipboard will help you with easy access. Be sure to look at each one of the company websites before any letters goes out and do your best to tailor each letter appropriately. Many companies also have a Careers section on their website, and clipping directly to those pages is a great idea if you want to keep an eye out on new jobs that are being posted on these pages. Using Clipix to store these pages makes it easy to do this quickly and efficiently without missing any of the companies. You can even put in the notes the date of the last time you checked on that web page to have a record of your searches.   

Save Career Advice Information

Need some advice on interview techniques? Need to do a refresher on your resume? Any kind of inspirational job search information can all be saved on Clipix. There are so many valuable articles about all of these topics. Save them on one clipboard so you can review them at the appropriate time. If you are right out of college and need help figuring out what to wear on interviews, you might want to create clipboard featuring business attire that could be appropriate for interviewing. For individuals who are thinking about a career switch, add to your clipboards links to salary information and job descriptions as well as links to courses that you might want to take to help you get ready for that new career.

Save Job Related Correspondence to Clipboards

Once you start attending interviews and narrowing down your search options then you will want to create a specific clipboard for each of the companies that you are in communication with. Save all email correspondence on a clipboard in order to reference later. Keeping the emails on Clipix not only unclutters your inbox but also enables you to keep a great record of what companies you applied to and which ones you hear back from. You can easily keep track of follow up and put notes on the email clips on ideas and thoughts you have in relation to the replies that come back. Saving emails to Clipix is simple and can be done instantly. Simply forward the selected emails to the unique email address provided to each Clipix user and all of your correspondence can easily be saved to the appropriate clipboard. With all of these great organization tools through Clipix, you are well on your way to get the position you aspire to.

Looking to Hire - Clipix is an HR Department’s Dream Tool

If you are on the other side of this job search fence, and you are looking to hire, then without a doubt, Clipix is the tool for you.  There are so many websites where you can post your Help Wanted ads and also search for resumes. But once the resumes start pouring in, and these days you might get dozens of resumes for one position, how do you keep the hiring process organized? If you are in the HR department, and the central location where all the resumes come into, just categorizing the inbound resumes in email folders will not help you much. You may not be the decision maker and your folders will need to be seen by the person that is. So start by making sync boards with the heads of each department that is hiring. As resumes come in, you can clip them to the boards that matches the resume and the head of that department who makes the hiring decision will be able to view all of the resumes that you post.

Communicate through your HR Sync Boards

Once you have posted all of the appropriate resumes to sync boards, use the notes section to communicate about which candidates are to be contacted for follow up. Your department head can make a note- “Bring in for an interview”, and you can respond through the notes with how and when you contacted them. On the interview day, the resume can be easily accessed through the sync board, and everyone involved in hiring has the necessary information at their fingertips. New boards can be created to move resumes to if you are calling back a number of candidates for second interviews, or candidates are moving to another phase of the hiring process. Keep them all together as they move through your company system and separate those resumes from the initial board.

Resume Storage

Finally, once you have hired for the open position, move the sync board to a less prominent place on your Clipix account, but you probably should not delete it. Next time you are hiring for a similar position, you may want to compare the candidates and resumes and know if a person has applied for this position in the past. Date your board and note the candidate that was hired for easy reference in the future.

These are just a few ideas on how you can use Clipix for your own personal job search or if you are hiring at the place where you currently work. There are so many more things that you can do with Clipix, so customize your boards to suit your own search process and let us know- How do you Clipix?

Not a Clipix user yet? Getting started on Clipix is quick and easy. Create a free account within seconds and then you can clip just about anything to your personal clipboards.  Clips can be added and managed through the website or through the apps on the go.

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