You do your best to stay organized and on top of all of the tasks on your plate. But at the end of the day, are you finding yourself out of time and feeling as if you’ve gotten nothing done? The good news is that there are some great organizing apps out there to help you stay on top of your to-do list. Clipix is the perfect organizing tool for helping you stay on top of tasks. You can use it to save pictures, recipes, articles, emails, basically anything that you want to save for reviewing later. Here are some tips on how you can use Clipix to make a to-do list that actually works for you.

1. Start small

We understand that it’s unlikely you’ll become 100% organized overnight. Getting used to making a list and sticking with it takes practice. So why not start by making a list for something that you wouldn’t normally make a list for, such as shopping for dinner. For example, try looking around and finding a dinner recipe that you like. You can save it to your Clipix account on the spot, keeping you from having to search for it later. Then make a to-do list (a shopping list, really) listing all the ingredients that you need to buy. If you know the products that you’ll need or the store where you’ll be shopping, try looking online for helpful coupons. If you find some, then you can also save those to your Clipix account for quick access later. Make note of those coupons on your to-do list, so that you don’t forget to use them when you’re at the store. By becoming accustomed to making and following a list for even small tasks, you can save yourself time in the long run.

2. Don’t be afraid to start too early

Let’s say that you are planning a vacation sometime in the future. You are not sure where you’ll go, where you’ll purchase your airfare, etc. You may see some great deals on airfare or destinations right now, but you’re not sure whether they will be useful. No problem! Save them to your Clipix account, and start a vacation to-do list, even if it “feels” too early to start. That way you can save ideas and deals and look at them when you’re ready to narrow down your destination. You can save pictures of locations and reviews of restaurants you would like to try. Don’t be afraid to list tasks on your to-do list such as “choose destination” and “shop for airfare.” While these steps may feel as if they should go without saying, the truth is that simply having them visible on your list will keep the tasks at the front of your mind. Plus, it will be a great feeling when you can cross off those tasks from your list. Remember, the earlier you start, the less likely it will be that you will let any helpful information slip your mind.

3. Actually follow your list

While making out a list may feel like progress – and it is, especially if you are usually pretty disorganized – you shouldn’t stop there. Get into the habit of crossing off or removing items as you complete them, no matter how small they may seem. If you truly want to become organized, you will need practice. So remember that a to-do list actually requires two steps – making the list and using it.

4. Consider going electronic

Even if you’re someone who is reasonably good at making and using lists, you should consider switching to an electronic format if you have not done so. Not everyone agrees that “e-everything” is always the better choice, but with to-do lists it just makes sense. If you maintain your list in a hard copy, then it is difficult to add to it when you are out of the house. Plus you can easily forget about, lose, or overlook it, making the entire exercise a waste of time.

An e-list, on the other hand, can be saved to (or simply accessed via) your mobile phone, using Clipix’s Sticky Note feature. This allows it to be viewed, modified or addressed anytime, from anywhere. With today’s technological advancements, there really is little benefit to choosing NOT to go electronic!

5. Use organizing software

We cannot stress this point enough. Over the course of a day, you may come across a great fried chicken recipe for dinner, a deal on decorations for your housewarming party next week, a coupon for sneakers at an online retailer, and an idea for a dress for your cousin’s wedding in 6 months. It is no wonder that it is hard to stay focused. Without a good organizing program, it is nearly impossible for you to remember what you saw and where. You can spend precious time trying to find a post you liked, or an emailed promotion that you want to use before the expiration date. Clipix makes keeping track of all of these “inspirations” a real breeze you’re your computer or on your phone using their free mobile app. Make yourself a number of to-do lists as the ideas pop into your head, or as you come across helpful information or photos. When you save this information into your Clipix account, you can use the information in conjunction with your to-do lists to make sure that you are not missing anything.

Getting organized might not be an easy process, but life’s tasks do become easier once you become organized. Once you become familiar with organizational software such as Clipix, you’ll find a number of ways to put it to work for you. Clipix can’t force you to create to-do lists, and it can’t make you follow them. But what it can do is to make getting organized and keeping track of information simple and easy. Simply see something you like and save it to your free Clipix account. That is all! And then, just reviewing your account can help to assure that you have not forgotten anything or even inspire you in new ways upon a second viewing. Whatever your current level of organization, using organizational software such as Clipix and creating well-written to-do lists can help you tackle any project.

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