Post Its

We’ve all been there. That moment you realize you forgot to order your father’s birthday present. Then, that moment you realize you stuck post its to the fridge and your desk two weeks ago, but those sticky notes just became part of the décor. Or, what’s worse, the post it was on the fridge, but it fell off.

You have an idea where you stuck the post its that could help you through your time of forgetfulness or disorganization, but they aren’t with you when you need them. Clipix can solve that problem. At Clipix, we understand the sinking feeling you get when you pull into your driveway and realize you forgot something from your trip to the drugstore or supermarket. We are here to help you digitize your post its. An amazing feature of Clipix is that can be used just like post its, but it goes with you wherever you go.

Clipix is your virtual assistant for keeping the details of your life in line. Simply select “Create a Sticky Note” from your app or online account and write a note to yourself, then easily add it to a clipboard.

With Clipix, no more post its will fall off the bottom of your computer screen in the middle of the night, floating away to a mystery location (probably in between the desk and the wall, or clinging by static to the side of the trash can) where they’re lost forever (or at least until you’re not looking for them anymore).

Simply create an account, install the browser extension or app, and start saving the information you need all in one place. Whether you’re using Clipix with your desktop, your laptop, your phone, or your tablet, you can easily set up an account, log in, and get organized.