Save Links Online

One of the hardest aspects of daily life can be organization, especially if you have a lot of diverse interests. Keeping track of dates, names, sources, and references can be a daunting challenge, but Clipix clipboards could be the answer to your organization issues by allowing you to easily save links online.

Use our clipboard organizational system to keep various types of media together, and even organize further by grouping your clipboards into multiboards. Use Clipix as an alternative to bookmarking, which can be cumbersome and messy, and has the added disadvantage of being difficult to sync. With Clipix, you can save links online all into one convenient location, in a visual manner, which is easy to access from all of your devices.

Using Clipix is a simple process that gives you the ability to save anything online. All you need to do is create an account and install the Clipix browser extension or the “Save It” button, and save links you find online from anywhere with any of your devices. Save your links on a customized clipboard, or collaborate with others in real time, by saving links to a Syncboard.

Save links online easily with your Clipix account¸ which features a beautiful and easy-to-use interface that you’ll find addicting. With Clipix, the article you are reading online or information about the project you are researching can be saved to a clipboard, and then you can access that same information from any of your synced devices later.

Clipix is an innovative solution to your digital distress, and it is simpler and more effective than traditional bookmarking. Organizational challenges arise in our daily lives all the time, especially in our digital lives. Sometimes, straightening out our digital material is an overwhelming hassle. Now, digital data organizational nightmares are erased with one word: Clipix.