Clipix Price Drop Alert App

It's how to save money while shopping online.

And it's so easy!
Get the best deals on everything you want—and need!
Shop online and save your favorite things to Clipix.
Set the desired price you want to pay, or percentage you want to save.
Sit back and prepare to get the best deals, no coupons or promo codes required!
Easy to Use
Our online shopping tool has made comparison shopping a thing of the past. It goes to work for you tracking prices, and sends you a notification when the product has reached its target amount.
Unlimited ways to save
With the Clipix Price Drop Alert App, you can track 1 item or 100—or more. There’s no limit to the shopping possibilities—or the savings potential.
Manage alerts on the go
You’ll be notified of a price drop in two ways—via email and with an in-app notification—so you won’t miss your chance to score the lowest price on your saved item.
The perfect money-saving solution for shoppers of all ages
Who wants to save money? Perhaps a better question would be, who doesn’t? But let’s face it, trolling dozens of websites—or even worse, trucking it from store to store—in search of the best deal is daunting.
The Clipix Price Drop Alert App is the best way to save money, not only because it saves you time and energy, but because it does all the work for you. You no longer need to come up with clever ways to save—just download the app and start spending less today!