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Save web clippings and save time with these apps

The web is an indispensable research tool, but keeping track of all of the information you find there can be daunting..

Clipix Partners With Credit Saison, One Of Japan’s Largest Credit Card Issuers

Visual bookmarking and online curation tool Clipix today announced that it has partnered with Credit Saison, Japan’s third-largest credit card issuer

Clipix - Create Portfolios of Files and Bookmarks

When we look for tools to create collections of files and bookmarks there is certainly not a shortage of options.

World travelers: check out the Clipix digital hub

World travelers planning a vacation should definitely check out and create a one-stop digital hub to store and share all of their travel plans and ideas.

The Best Healthy Living Apps for Weight Loss

Clipix is the only tool you need to organize your life: It's a one-click, save-anything, send-to-anyone app that allows you to save anything you see on the Internet in one place.

Must-have apps for shopping & saving

Are you interested in saving money? Who isn’t, right? So why are so many people still missing out on so many great deals and discounts?

Miller: Mobile apps are the latest essential career tools

Mobile apps help job seekers stay on top of their job search, even on the run.

Organized Bliss

Similar to Pinterest, Clipix organizes web links, documents, photos and videos into categorized clipboards, which can remain private or public.

7 Apps You Need Now

Clipix, Evernote and Cozi are among the helpful organization apps you can use.

From Provincetown Swim for Life to easier bottle refills

Clipix allows budget-savvy travelers to keep track of targeted hotels’ rates without revisiting the same websites in search of better pricing.