Your promotional material or advertisement just got better. Way better.


Present potential consumers with a simple way to save what you’re promoting at a convention, on an advertising plaque or anywhere else, using Clipix, a platform that lets people save and organize everything they see and want to come back to.

It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s paperless!

How It Works

Create a link to your webpage that has all of the promotional materials you want potential consumers to see, save and easily get back to.
Easily generate your free Clipix QR Code using the Clipix QR Code Generator below.
Present your Clipix QR Code on anything you want, including advertisements and conference booth plaques. Then track the number of times your QR Code gets scanned!

Organized And Accessible

Your promotional material will be scanned and saved on your potential customer’s clipboard on Clipix. They will be able to access it from anywhere at anytime.

Link your Promotional Webpage to a Clipix QR Code

Present anything you want to potential consumers, including videos, images, PDF’s and your contact information, all on your own webpage — All in one QR Code.
Your thumbnail
Create the thumbnail that people will see when they scan your QR code and save it as a clip. You can type a thumbnail or upload an image.
Your URL
Insert the link to the promotional material webpage on your website.
Try it out right here

Generate your Free QR Code

Upload an image from your computer
It's that simple!

Provide potential consumers with instructions:

Many phones come with a QR code scanner, but for those that don’t, give potential consumers instructions on how to get a scanner app and scan your QR code. Here’s a high resolution graphic you can download and include next to your QR code.
Use a QR code scanner app to scan this QR code.
QR Scanner
You can download a free “QR Code Scanner” app in your smartphone’s app store.
Download this high-res graphic