Save and organize everything you care about. Keep it private or share with friends.

Clipix is an unbelievably useful tool that is changing the way we organize our lives online. It solves the problem we all have of seeing tons of things online each day and never having a good way to save and organize them.

How’s it work? You drag a bookmark called the "Save it" button to your bookmarks bar. Then you click it whenever you see anything online that you want to come back to. Everything you save is called a "clip" and will be stored onto customized clipboards.

You can make clipboards for anything, whether it’s articles you want to read, gadgets you’re thinking of buying, gift ideas for family members, or recipes you can't wait to try. The list is literally endless.

Sharing on clipix is about sharing with people who care. You can clip collaboratively with friends on a syncboard®. When anyone on the syncboard adds a clip, everyone else sees it in real-time.

Clipix also gives you great organizational tools like the ability to group multiple clipboards into a multiboard and rearrange your clipboards. We could go on and on but once you start using it you’ll be as addicted as we are.

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Browser Extension
The Clipix browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari brings the power of clipping natively into the browser experience.
With the browser extension you can:
  • Save websites, articles, products to buy and even videos, and organize them onto clipboards
  • Choose an image to save, select a specific part of the page or capture the entire screen
  • Upload clips from your computer, including images, PDFs, Word Documents and Excel files
  • Set Price Drop Alerts to save money on all the items you want to buy!
  • View your most recently added clips
  • Receive and View Notifications
  • Edit your preferences and settings
Get the browser extension for:
iPhone App
Our free iPhone app lets you:
  • Save clips from any website, simply by sharing the URL to the app
  • Save pictures, record voice clips, and scan product barcodes
  • Create notes and even save a location
Android App
Our free Android app lets you:
  • Save clips from any website, simply by sharing the URL to the app
  • Save pictures, record voice clips, and scan product barcodes
  • Create notes and even save a location
Frequently Asked Questions
Our top FAQs
The "Save" Button for Websites
Have a website or blog?

Add the clipix widget next to your Facebook, Twitter, or any other social icon, and give your users the ability to SAVE content from your site onto their private or public clipboards.

Once a visitor has a clip of your content or products they’ll be much more likely to come back!

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Background Information
Founded: January 2012

Location: Fort Lee, NJ

Goal: To provide people with one place where they can keep everything that they see online and want to come back to.

Press Releases
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - Clipix Partners With Credit Saison
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - Five Ways Clipix Can Help You Stay Healthy

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