Clipix 101: Uploading Emails

If you’re like many people living in 2015, you most likely receive a plethora of emails over the course of the average work week. At home, school and/or work; from friends, family and/or colleagues; your emails can certainly become shuffled, and tough to keep organized.

I cannot even fathom the amount of times that I’ve gotten an important email from either a family member or a coworker, and then days, weeks, months (and sometimes just hours) later, when I want to see it again; I can’t find it.


Expecting a baby? Clipix can help prepare!

You’re about nine months away from welcoming the newest member of your family into your home.  The fact of the matter is that within these next nine months, there is much to learn, and much to prepare for.

Clipix can help you save and organize everything you need to buy for your baby, and everything you need to know about becoming a parent in a few simple steps.


Clipix 101: Uploading Content

Clipix has established the reputation of being a great tool for saving and organizing what you find online.  Yet, in addition to that, it’s an extremely useful tool for saving and organizing your offline work as well.

In fact, using Clipix to save and organize your personal files is just as efficient as using Clipix while surfing the web. On Clipix, you can upload content directly from your computer; including word documents, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets and PDF files.


Flight Planning Made Organized

A recent survey showed that nearly 23% of all domestic leisure travelers relied on others to organize their flights, while another 31% relied on past experiences.  Because the age of technology continues to develop, the percentage of people using mobile devices, social networking tools, and the internet to plan their flights will continue to increase.**

As the number of people relying on the internet to plan flights grows, so does the need to organize the flight details we find on the web. Furthermore, as a result of the high percentage of people relying on others to plan their flights, the ability to subsequently satisfy everyone’s flight preferences becomes increasingly vague.


Clipix 101: What’s a Clip?

Clipix is a great source for saving and organizing all of your digital content in one place.  With just a click of a button, you can save any piece of online or offline information that you desire.

Clipix is based around the idea of “clipping”.  Anything you save online, or upload from your computer offline, is called a Clip.  From an interesting news article, to an unusual cooking recipe or even a word document; clips can be anything that peak your interest.


Couponing 101

In 2015, a survey showed that 92.6 million people in the United States used mobile coupons to shop online; a 26% increase from 2014.

With that said, there are so many different coupons, couponing websites, coupon codes and card rewards to keep track of. And especially now, as the holiday shopping season begins; collecting and keeping track of all your coupons can be extremely tedious.

On Clipix, you can save and organize all of your potential savings in just a few simple steps.


Clipix 101: The Mobile App

Clipix is an incredibly convenient tool for saving and organizing all of your digital content in one place.  From interesting articles, to new cooking recipes, or gift ideas for an upcoming birthday or holiday, Clipix can help you manage it all.

But what if you’re not sitting by a computer? What if you’re at a concert? Or out to eat? Or just lying in bed? Considering that the majority of people today spend more time on their phones than on a computer, it’s only fitting that we’d be able to save and organize ‘on-the-go’.


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