January is Get Organized Month!

January is the official month of changes.

No, really! January was made National Get Organized Month in 2005. January may be almost over, but there is always time to start organizing – and Clipix is here to help.

Pick a few tiny things to change. How about your desktop?


Clipix 101: Uploading Emails

If you’re like many people living in 2015, you most likely receive a plethora of emails over the course of the average work week. At home, school and/or work; from friends, family and/or colleagues; your emails can certainly become shuffled, and tough to keep organized.

I cannot even fathom the amount of times that I’ve gotten an important email from either a family member or a coworker, and then days, weeks, months (and sometimes just hours) later, when I want to see it again; I can’t find it.


Clipix 101: Uploading Content

Clipix has established the reputation of being a great tool for saving and organizing what you find online.  Yet, in addition to that, it’s an extremely useful tool for saving and organizing your offline work as well.

In fact, using Clipix to save and organize your personal files is just as efficient as using Clipix while surfing the web. On Clipix, you can upload content directly from your computer; including word documents, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets and PDF files.


Clipix 101: The Clipboard

The internet has revolutionized the way people seek and discover information.  With everything we find online each and every day, it’s extremely difficult to keep track of it all.  From new cooking recipes and interesting articles, to candid photos and everything in between, it’s safe to say there’s a lot to remember.

Just as the internet has revolutionized finding information, Clipix has completely restructured the way people organize information.  Clipix’s Clipboard feature is the ultimate tool for saving and organizing anything that fancies our interests online.


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