“Articles, E-books & Blogs, Oh My!” Organize Your Online Reading!

There is one thing that is undeniably true: Between e-books, blogs, reviews and news articles; the resources for information simply seem endless.

Realistically, unless you’re a human encyclopedia, it’s essentially impossible to retain all of the information that you come across on the internet.

Not only that, but as an avid online reader, often times I find that I don’t have enough time to read everything I’d like to. Let’s be honest; who takes the time to memorize or write out a link to an interesting article they read online? My best assumption is probably no one.

My own reading habits are a great example. Before I open up Microsoft Word in the morning, I normally take the time to scan through my favorite blogs, websites, etc.  More times than not, I don’t have nearly enough time to read everything I’d like to before I have to start writing.  Then when I go home at the end of each day, I have no idea where to look for the article I didn’t finish reading about nine or ten hours earlier.

I could bookmark the link, but it’ll be saved on my computer at work, so that doesn’t help me.  Then again, I could just email links to myself, but that’s time-consuming, and really just a hassle.

On Clipix, you can save any kind of article, blog post, e-book, movie review or whatever else it is you frequently read online to a Clipboard.  You can make a clipboard for any aspect of your reading, so everything you save is organized and always in the place you left it last.

However, don’t feel as though you’re limited to clipboards.  On Clipix, you can condense any number of clipboards onto a single Multiboard, so your profile page isn’t cluttered with all sorts of clipboards.  By dragging a clipboard onto another, you can organize all of your “Reading” clipboards onto one Multiboard, essentially having them all “under one roof”.

Clipix is about organizing your life!

Depending on how avidly you read, or just how organized you want to be, you could actually create a multiboard for whatever it is you regularly read.  For example, I’m a huge sports fan; so I made a clipboard for each one of my favorite teams, and then grouped them all together onto one multiboard. This way all of the most important information about each one of my teams is saved to the same place, so I’m not searching through countless websites for what I want to read.

You can also clip articles and create clipboards ‘on-the-move’ with the ClipixMobile App, so you’re not tied down to a computer when using Clipix. Furthermore, you’ll be able to read anything you have saved from absolutely anywhere; which might come in handy when you’re sitting in a waiting room or on the bus going to work.

Saving and organizing what you read online is only a few clicks away. Remember, on Clipix, there are no limitations or restrictions to what you can save and organize online.

Keep in mind that here at Clipix, we always appreciate any feedback that you may have; positive or negative.  So feel free to share any thoughts, ideas or opinions you may have for us!

Thanks for reading!
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