Clipix 101: The Browser Extension

Clipix has earned the reputation of being an incredible source for people who need simplicity in their lives.  Clipix’s “Save It” button has been helping people to save time, energy and stress since 2012.  What many of those people may or may not know is that the “Save It” button is merely a slice of the mouth-watering pie that Clipix has to offer.

Now, the more diverse and powerful browser extension has made its’ debut into Clipix’s line of tools.  It can be summarized as the “’Save It’ button on steroids”.

Available for Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, the browser extension holds numerous advantages for saving all of your digital content.

View all of your recent clips and always know what you’ve clipped so you never clip anything twice.  You’re able to check and receive your Clipix notifications without having to constantly revisit your Clipix homepage.  You’re also able to upload files right from your computer.  These include documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, images, voice clips and PowerPoint presentations.

“Make a Selection” and select a portion of the screen to clip, that way you can save exactly what you want as opposed to clipping various images around what you actually want to save.  You can also click “Save It” (different from the regular Save It button on your bookmarks bar) and you’ll be able to choose from a plethora of thumbnail images to save.  Or make it really easy on yourself and just capture a screenshot of the entire page.

As a final point, the most convenient aspect of the browser extension is its’ compact capability.   The extended bar condenses into a small circular Clipix logo when you’re not using it; essentially going into hiding. You can turn the extension completely off by clicking the Clipix logo at the top right corner of your browser or by clicking the small “x” beside the bar itself.

The browser extension gives Clipix users a much improved adaptation of what the “Save It” button can help them accomplish. Make the absolute most of your Clipix experience and start using the browser extension today!

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