Clipix 101: The Clipboard

The internet has revolutionized the way people seek and discover information.  With everything we find online each and every day, it’s extremely difficult to keep track of it all.  From new cooking recipes and interesting articles, to candid photos and everything in between, it’s safe to say there’s a lot to remember.

Just as the internet has revolutionized finding information, Clipix has completely restructured the way people organize information.  Clipix’s Clipboard feature is the ultimate tool for saving and organizing anything that fancies our interests online.

Anything you save is called a “Clip”, and is given a cover image and brief description so you’ll always know exactly what the clip entails.  In just a few clicks, you’re able to save any piece of information you find online to any clipboard of your choosing.  Whether you’d like to create a photo album from last summer’s family vacation, or a shopping list for the upcoming holidays, clipboards can be utilized in almost any way imaginable.

Previously, I mentioned that clipboards are great for organizing things we find online, but that doesn’t mean clipboards are restricted to online findings.  On Clipix, you’re able to upload any document, PDF, spreadsheet, PowerPoint, or even voice clip to any of your clipboards.  Not only do you add a sense of organization to your files, but Clipboards ultimately create a “backup” for everything you have saved on your computer.

Another great aspect of clipboards is being able to share them with anyone, anywhere, at any time.  Even if “anyone” doesn’t have their own Clipix account (…yet!), Clipix users are able to send any of their self-made clipboards to anyone, via email, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  And by using the Clipix mobile app, you can access, create and send clipboards from anywhere, which is great for family vacations, the holidays, and much more.

How about using Clipix to organize you online and offline works and findings? It’s truly incredible how much time you’ll end up saving in the long run.

Join Clipix now! It’s free and always will be!

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