Clipix 101: The Mobile App

Clipix is an incredibly convenient tool for saving and organizing all of your digital content in one place.  From interesting articles, to new cooking recipes, or gift ideas for an upcoming birthday or holiday, Clipix can help you manage it all.

But what if you’re not sitting by a computer? What if you’re at a concert? Or out to eat? Or just lying in bed? Considering that the majority of people today spend more time on their phones than on a computer, it’s only fitting that we’d be able to save and organize ‘on-the-go’.

With Clipix’s Mobile App, you can save, organize and collaborate from anywhere, at any time.  Aside from being completely free, the app is available for iPhone and Android devices.

The mobile app allows you to take and upload photos, add notes and voice clips, scan product barcodes, and even save your locations directly from your phone.  And of course, you’re able to save anything to any clipboard or syncboard from any website while surfing on your phone’s web browser.


Another convenient feature of the mobile app is having all of your price drop alerts sent right to your phone.  This way you can make purchases from wherever you are, right when a product hits your target price.  Never again will you miss out on a deal because you “couldn’t get to the computer”.

Download the Clipix mobile app. It’s a fun, free and easy way to save time while trying to organize your life.

5 + 5

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