Clipix 101: The Multiboard

Let’s face facts. Clipix is a phenomenal organization tool that emphasizes on making people’s lives more efficient, organized and simply, better. There are so many interesting qualities that make Clipix the powerful necessity that it is.  Clipboards have made saving and organizing easier to say the least, but there’s an even more extensive way of organizing that surpasses the abilities of a clipboard.

Clipboards are great for everything you want to save, whatever it may be.  Yet what if you’ve created multiple clipboards for one specific aspect of your life?

Allow us to introduce the multiboard. The multiboard essentially creates a filing cabinet for any group of clipboards of your choosing.  Whichever area of your life you’re trying to sort out, the multiboard can help you manage any number of clipboards by linking them together.

Say you’re a chef by profession, and you have a dozen or more clipboards with a variety of recipes.  For instance, you could have a clipboard for soups, one for chicken entrees, another for baked goods and so on.  With all of these different clipboards sprawled across your “My Clipboards” Clipix page, a multiboard would provide a much more practical method of condensing all of your clipboards in an organized manner.

Aside from cooking recipes, multiboards can come in handy in many other situations too.  Create a clipboard for each one of your family members with their wish list for their birthdays or the holidays, and then sort them all within a multiboard.  Or maybe, follow your favorite sports’ teams using multiboards by creating clipboards for your team’s statistics, game photos, informative articles and merchandise you’d like to purchase in the future.

These are just a few of the many ways there are to use multiboards on Clipix.  Create a Clipix account and find your own way to utilize a multiboard.

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