Clipix 101: The Syncboard

Today, everyone has their own definition of ‘sharing’, especially on the internet.  From tweets, blogs, emails and all the like, sharing has come a long way from fighting over your toys as a toddler.

On Clipix, the idea is to share your information with the people who truly care about what you’re trying to get across.  Unlike many social media websites today, Clipix has its own unique way of sharing information.  The Syncboard feature is breaking new ground on the way people ‘share’, with its primary focus being on ‘collaborative clipping’.

In a nutshell, Syncboards allow two or more people to add information to the same place simultaneously.  You also have the ability to comment on that information in real time.  Although Clipix is not generally a sharing utensil for you to post all of your thoughts with everyone you know at all times, Syncboards can help you achieve so many different things.


Create Syncboards with colleagues or classmates, and collaborate on projects of any kind.  Sync with family members and friends during the holidays so everyone gets what they want on their wish list.  Collaborate with your trainer or workout partner to find and share interesting ways to diet and exercise.

Those are just several of the numerous examples of how using Syncboards can make sharing information with people actually worth their while.  Start using Clipix and begin syncing today.  Syncboards will positively change your ability to work with others in the simplest way possible.

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