Clipix 101: Uploading Content

Clipix has established the reputation of being a great tool for saving and organizing what you find online.  Yet, in addition to that, it’s an extremely useful tool for saving and organizing your offline work as well.

In fact, using Clipix to save and organize your personal files is just as efficient as using Clipix while surfing the web. On Clipix, you can upload content directly from your computer; including word documents, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets and PDF files.

Whether you’re uploading a spreadsheet for work or a word document for a class, use Clipix to organize all of your important files in a visual manner.  Save everything you need for work or school and have those file(s) ready to go when you get there.

Stop the old method of sending emails to yourself, or carrying around a flash drive (that you just might lose!).  By uploading your files to Clipix, you can access them from anywhere you are, even from your smart phone.  Since Clipix is on the cloud, you can also use it as a way to keep a backup for your files; just in case something unfortunate happens to your computer at home or work, your files are still safe.

So whether you’re uploading documents, spreadsheets, images, videos, voice clips or music files to your Clipix account, it’s the perfect tool to keep  you organized.  It’s free, and a great way to keep track of everything important to you.

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