Clipix 101: Uploading Emails

If you’re like many people living in 2015, you most likely receive a plethora of emails over the course of the average work week. At home, school and/or work; from friends, family and/or colleagues; your emails can certainly become shuffled, and tough to keep organized.

I cannot even fathom the amount of times that I’ve gotten an important email from either a family member or a coworker, and then days, weeks, months (and sometimes just hours) later, when I want to see it again; I can’t find it.

By uploading emails to Clipix, you’re essentially creating a ‘backup’ for any of your emails; just in case you delete the original email permanently by mistake.  You’re also able to rearrange your ‘clipped’ emails in any which way you’d like.  The time you’ll spend scrolling through your inbox far outweighs the minute that it takes to upload an email to your Clipix account.

It’s easy. Simply click on the ‘Add Content’ drop down menu, and select ‘Clip emails’.  You’ll automatically be given a unique Clipix email address to forward your email(s) to, and your emails will be saved onto a ‘Clipped Emails’ clipboard shortly after doing so.

Every clipped email is given a description which appears on the cover of the clip so you’ll always know which email is which.  The next time you need an email for Monday morning at the office, you can title it something like “REMEMBER FOR MONDAY!”, to make sure the email stands out.  It’ll be much easier to find an email when you go looking for it later on.

Clipix is about simple organization.  As I previously mentioned, a large portion of people today receive emails from every aspect of their lives, which ultimately makes it difficult to organize them.  Rather than having just one ‘Clipped Emails’ clipboard for yourself, create a few: one for work, another for school, and so on.  Then you can easily condense all of those email clipboards onto a single Multiboard by dragging one clipboard into another.  Not only will you have easy access to all of your clipped emails, but they’ll be organized exactly to your liking.

As opposed to searching through your inbox for an email you got from Aunt Susie two months ago, or frantically trying to recover an email you accidentally deleted from your boss; try Clipix. You’ll be truly impressed by how much time you wind up saving.

5 + 5

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