Clipix 101: What’s a Clip?

Clipix is a great source for saving and organizing all of your digital content in one place.  With just a click of a button, you can save any piece of online or offline information that you desire.

Clipix is based around the idea of “clipping”.  Anything you save online, or upload from your computer offline, is called a Clip.  From an interesting news article, to an unusual cooking recipe or even a word document; clips can be anything that peak your interest.

Before you can start clipping, you must drag the ‘Save It’ button onto your bookmarks bar. Whenever you’re online and you find something you’d like to save; simply click ‘Save It’.  You can even save your emails as clips!

However, clipping isn’t restricted to just online content. On Clipix, you’re able to upload word documents, spreadsheets, voice recordings, PowerPoint files and PDF files as clips.

Each individual clip is given a title, thumbnail image and brief description, so that you’ll always know which is which and what is what.  If the clip is a product, you’re able to mark it as such, and set a price drop alert on the product as well. All of your clips are saved onto various clipboards that you create.

You can also clip ‘on-the-go’, and save clips right from your phone using the Clipix mobile app.

Give Clipix a try! It’s a fun, free and easy way to organize everything that’s important to you; online and offline.

Check out the rest of the Clipix blog to learn more about some of the other features Clipix has to offer!

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