Clipix’s Car Buying Guide

When sorting through all the details of buying a new or pre-owned car, the process of finding the right make, model, and trim, can be time consuming and frustrating. The ‘right’ car is one that fulfills your needs, wants and desires while falling within the boundaries of your budget and safety concerns. However, gathering and sifting through all this information doesn’t make the experience very fun,  but using Clipix can significantly help make the process of narrowing in on the right car a lot easier.  

There are so many different factors that weigh into your final decision when buying a car,  between safety and reliability, cost of insurance and repairs, and even warranties; the list of considerations seems endless.  However, by using clipboards on Clipix to save and visually organize the information you collect, you’re able to analyze things in a way that makes it easy to compare the details of each car you’re considering.  The clipboard has made collecting and comparing information easier than ever.


The multiboard feature provides an even simpler way to shop for your next car.  With this feature, you’re able to combine multiple clipboards onto a single multiboard, and thoroughly organize your car search.  Create a clipboard for SUVs, another for sedans, maybe one for pickup trucks, and condense them onto  one multiboard for less clutter and easy-access.  But that’s the great thing about Clipix! You can divide and organize your car search by any which way you feel appropriate: by price, color, model, safety features, insurance policies, etc.  

You can even get others involved in the comparison and selection process, by working collaboratively using the Syncboard feature on Clipix,  and adding clips to the same clipboard simultaneously. So if you’re searching for a new car with a roommate, parent, child, friend or spouse; finding a car that fits the both of you is easier than ever.  

From the beginning of car buying, no generation has been able to shop for cars as easily and efficiently as we have.  Now, with Clipix, finding the right vehicle has become even easier.

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