Clipix: Valentine’s Day Edition

Today we are exactly 34 days away from the most romantic day/night of the year, Valentine’s Day.  Each year, people go nuts trying to make V-Day as perfect as possible for their special somebody.  For some people not as much, but for those of you who do take Valentine’s Day seriously, Clipix can help make this one memorable, romantic and most importantly, stress-free.

Create a ‘Valentine’s Day’ Clipboard

In the weeks leading up to the 14th, online research and preparation is necessary if you’re truly dedicated to making this Valentine’s Day perfect. Create a “Valentine’s Day” Clipboard, and you’ll be able to save anything you need to know or buy for the big night right to that clipboard. It’s easy; just go online, add the Save It button to your browser’s bookmark’s bar, and start saving.   All of your important links will be in one place for whenever you need them again.

You can save absolutely anything to your clipboard: gift ideas, restaurant/hotel locations, tip articles and whatever else gives you inspiration to make this Valentine’s Day picturesque!

Set Price Drop Alerts for Gift Ideas

On Clipix, purchasable items that you save or “clip” can be marked as a product, and you’ll be able to set a price drop alert for that item(s).  You’ll immediately be notified when the price of that item falls to or below the target price you set, via email or through Clipix.

For example, if your special somebody really wants a piece of jewelry, like a diamond necklace or gold watch, you could wind up saving hundreds using price drop alerts.

Connect & Collaborate with Syncboards

Even though you may feel as though you know everything there is to know about the most important person in your life … you could be wrong … very wrong.

For my entire life I have been a diehard Minnesota Vikings fan. I probably wear at least one piece of Vikings merchandise at least 20% of the time I have clothes on.

Nonetheless, I was dating my ex-girlfriend for almost six months before our first Valentine’s Day together when she thought it was a good idea to buy me a Green Bay Packers jersey.  Let’s just say there’s a reason as to why she is now my “ex” girlfriend.

By converting your Valentine’s Day clipboard to a Syncboard, you and whomever else (as long as they’re a Clipix member) can add and comment on clips to the same board simultaneously. 

For example, let’s say you think you know what handbag your wife wants, or what watch your husband wants, but you’re really not sure.  You could add your wife’s/husband’s parents, siblings or friends to the syncboard to get their opinion on what to get he/she.  This way you’ll avoid spending money on something that he/she really didn’t want in the first place, and plus, you’ll look like the world’s greatest husband.

Don’t forget that by downloading the Clipix Mobile App, you can do any of these things on-the-move.

Valentine’s Day should be a day filled with romance, compassion and most importantly, love.  Don’t ruin a wonderful day because you couldn’t get yourself organized.  Clipix will help make your Valentine’s Day organized, stress-free and enjoyable, for you and your special someone.

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