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A recent survey showed that nearly 23% of all domestic leisure travelers relied on others to organize their flights, while another 31% relied on past experiences.  Because the age of technology continues to develop, the percentage of people using mobile devices, social networking tools, and the internet to plan their flights will continue to increase.**

As the number of people relying on the internet to plan flights grows, so does the need to organize the flight details we find on the web. Furthermore, as a result of the high percentage of people relying on others to plan their flights, the ability to subsequently satisfy everyone’s flight preferences becomes increasingly vague.

Ultimately, flight planning can be a hassle, especially when other people are accompanying you on the trip.  Clipix has several features that can help you organize all of your possible flight plans in minutes.

There are so many different factors that go into which airline you choose. Between baggage fees, amenities and reservations, every airline has their own special offers.  As you’re searching for airlines to potentially travel with, save information about each airline (customer reviews, flight details, etc.) to a Clipboard on your Clipix account.

Clipboards give you easy access to all of your online findings; so you’re not wasting time scrolling down your browser’s history or frantically searching Google for something you saw the previous day.

People tend to have their own preferences when it comes to flying: number of carry-on bags, coach or first class seating, service quality, free snacks and drinks, etc.  Some people have had great experiences with certain airlines while others may have had an awful experience with such airlines.  Ordinarily, everyone’s budget is bound to be different; which means not everyone is going to be able to afford certain airfare and other fees.  With all of this in mind, planning a flight with other people can be a very frustrating and disheartening process.

Clipix has a feature that helps to accommodate everyone’s flying preferences.  By converting your clipboard to a Syncboard, you and your travel buddies can save search results to the same board simultaneously. You’re also able to comment on any clip that’s added to that board.

Syncboards give the entire travel group an opportunity to chime in their own thoughts and feelings on any flight so everyone’s wishes are taken into consideration.

Gathering and organizing flight information isn’t always the simplest task; but it can most definitely be made simpler.  Clipix makes choosing the right flight easy. Give it a shot!

Reference ** https://www.ustravel.org/news/press-kit/travel-facts-and-statistics

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