From Chaos to Order: Decorating with Clipix

From choosing the perfect paint color to finding the right bedroom set, there are so many details that go into decorating your home.  Formulating designs for each specific room can be extremely stressful and time consuming. Clipix turns the hassle of decorating your entire home into a fun, simple and cost-saving experience.

The first step in decorating your home is devising a plan for each space.  Whether it’s the living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom(s), with Clipix you can save all of your decoration and planning ideas to specific Clipboards. Once (visually) categorized, visually it’s a lot easier to review your options, and eventually narrow in on your final selections.


In a house full of people, it can be pretty hard to hear each other’s opinions at times. On Clipix, you can convert any of your clipboards to Syncboards, and share them with anyone: a spouse, roommate(s), parent(s) or child(ren).  Syncboards give everyone involved in the decoration process the ability to add their own ideas, and to comment on yours.  This way everyone will be able to share their own ideas when adding the final touches to the room, and no one feels left out.

Certainly though, another very convenient part of using Clipix to renovate your home is Price Drop Alert. This feature allows you to set alerts on saved products you’d like to purchase. When the cost of that product falls to or below your target price, you’ll be immediately notified via e-mail and on your own Clipix account.  Between paint, flooring, lighting and furniture, price drop alerts can help you save a ton of money on everything you need to design the perfect living space.

So what are you waiting for?

Organize. Collaborate. Save money.

Join Clipix. It’s totally free. Check back soon to hear more on the advantages of Price Drop Alert.

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