Get a Grip on Your Health and Fitness

With advances in health and fitness, and the constant reminder from the public to “stay fit”, a nutritious diet accompanied by daily exercise has become a staple in today’s way of living.

There are so many different ways of exercising that involve intricate techniques and routines that ultimately make the idea of working out much more complex than it actually is.

What if there was a way to easily manage the diets and exercises that work specifically for you?

Clipix makes working out simple, controllable and inevitably, profitable for both your body and your wallet.

The price drop alert feature allows you to find the best deals on gym equipment like treadmills, elliptical machines and weight sets that make for a killer workout.  From protein and shakers, to wraps, straps and sneakers, price drop alert on Clipix can help you find all of your training gear in the most cost-effective way possible.

Between workout videos, nutritional plans and health articles, improved forms of health and fitness keep appearing on the internet.  It would be ridiculous to try and retain all of that information as it comes.  Instead, condense and organize that information onto a multiboard that features each aspect of your diet and fitness regimen.

Clipix also allows you to work collaboratively with a workout partner or personal trainer too.  The syncboard feature allows you and your sync buddy to add clips simultaneously so you both stay up to date on your latest fitness findings.

Don’t make dieting and exercising more complicated than it has to be.  Use Clipix to make everything about “staying fit” manageable and organized.

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