January is Get Organized Month!

January is the official month of changes.

No, really! January was made National Get Organized Month in 2005. January may be almost over, but there is always time to start organizing – and Clipix is here to help.

Pick a few tiny things to change. How about your desktop?

Saving stuff from when you are online can take up a lot of Desktop space. Does your desktop make you feel overwhelmed? There is a simple solution for that: Clipix, a cloud-based tool that was designed to help you keep organized.

That’s looking pretty messy.

Think you should download something? Hit the “Save it” button and save it on Clipix instead!

Everything you save will be stored onto Clipboards, places where you can easily organize everything that is important to you.

But what about all those files that I have already downloaded?

They have their own space on the Clipix, too: upload your files straight to any of your Clipboards. Word documents, PDF files, pictures, voice memos – anything you’d like.

And you can even upload multiple files at once.

All your files are now safe in the cloud – and you can even think of deleting some from your computer, making more room for new files – and can be easily organized just as you like.

Ready to start? Join Clipix and get organized now!
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