Keep calm and organize your Wedding with Clipix

Planning your perfect day involves many things that can easily unleash your inner Bridezilla. A great way to ease your stress is Clipix – the ultimate organizational tool for brides-to-be.

Clipix is designed to save everything you want into a single, organized, and easily accessible place. Remember those gorgeous flowers you stumbled across on Facebook? Or those nice shoes you saw on sale? Or perhaps that amazing DJ your sister was raving about? Well, every single detail has a place on Clipix.

Everything you save on Clipix is stored into Clipboards – categorized spaces that keep everything together, organized just the way you like it. You can create as many boards as you’d like – one for dress ideas, another for maid of honor & best man duties, and even one with typography samples for your invitations..

Clear, simple and organized!

But wait, what about the groom?

Clipix’s collaborative feature, the Syncboard, comes quite in handy for this wonderful occasion. The Syncboard allows everyone – from your lovely groom to all of the bridesmaids – to chip in with helpful notes, suggestions, pictures, and so on. Creating a Syncboard is easy: after building a Clipboard, simply share it with anyone you’d like to collaborate with.

Don’t let wedding planning stress you out, get excited with Clipix!

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