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Every summer since I was 13 years old, my younger brother and I have gone down to Port St. Lucie, FL to visit my grandparents.  It seemed that with each summer brought new experiences at different locations all over the state of Florida.

Nevertheless, we could never remember the names of the smaller local restaurants, museums and other hidden gems of Florida that we visited in the years past.  I mean realistically, aside from Disney World, Universal Studios and the occasional ball game at Marlins Park, two kids from Jersey “ain’t gonna remember” the names and locations of all the great places they experienced in Florida over the span of more than a decade.

On Clipix, you’re able to save any location along with a mapped image of that location right to a Clipboard on your Clipix page.  As long as you’ve downloaded the Clipix Mobile App, you can save a location from wherever you are in seconds; on-the-go.

Saving Locations on Mobile

Whether it’s a seafood spot in West Palm Beach, or a dive-bar on the outskirts of Orlando, you’ll be able to save whatever location your heart desires.  This way you’ll always have the option to go back if you so choose.

Save Locations

Last summer, a few of my friends decided to take a trip down to Miami Beach. Of the three of them that went, only two had been to Florida, and none of them had been to Miami.  Considering that I’d been to Miami more than a few times over the years, I was much more familiar with the area than they were.

By using the Syncboard feature, I was able to turn my “Hotspots in Miami” clipboard into a syncboard, and share the locations I had already been to, with my friends.  Not only were they able to find the places that I recommended, but they even shared with me a few locations of places that I hadn’t been to yet.

Adding Locations to a Syncboard

Everything saved to a syncboard is added in real time, which means anything that either you or your sync partners add will instantly appear for each of you to see and/or comment on.

However, in order for others to be able to collaborate on a syncboard, they too must be Clipix members.  You can still share entire clipboards though; via email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Knowing the exact locations of your favorite places could help you relive memories that can ultimately last a lifetime. Having the ability to easily save and share those places, wherever they may be and with whomever you want, is just a smidgeon of what Clipix can help you do.  Click here to learn more about everything you can save and organize on Clipix.

As always, feedback is much appreciated, both positive and negative.  Feel free to express what you think about Clipix!

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