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From an over-stuffed pinata and festive decorations; to caterers, venues and disc jockeys; a lot goes into planning a great party.  With that said, staying organized in the process tends to become difficult.  Hiring a party planner is one route you could take, but why spend extra money if you have the option to organize a party on your own; from the comfort of your couch or work desk? Clipix is the online organizational tool that can help you do just that.

As a result of the onslaught of technological advances over the last decade, everything we need to know about anything is now right at our fingertips.  I know that if I were to plan and organize a party for a friend or family member, I would begin by researching online.  Realistically, the majority of people today would more than likely do the same.  However, saving and organizing the information you find online; so you can refer back to it later; is vital to your party’s success.

How many times have you been online, read or saw something that peaked your interest, and then when you wanted to see it again, the site was nowhere to be found?  On Clipix, any webpage that you’d like to refer back to later is saved as a Clip onto a Clipboard. 

A clip can be anything you find on the internet, and in this case, anything related to your party: an interesting article, party tips, a cake recipe or a bundle of party favors you found on You’re also able to upload images, word documents and other PDF files to your Clipix account directly from your computer.  Everything you save to Clipix will be waiting for you when you’d like to see it again.

Clipboards can be comprised of ideas for any particular party detail: local catering listings, venue schedules, decorations and whatever else.  You can create as many clipboards as you need to shape the landscape of your party. Ultimately, clipboards separate your ideas so you’re always organized, and everything’s where it needs to be when you need it next.

The ability to save what you find on the internet is just one of the many things you can do with a clipboard.  But saving plans will only get your party so far.  In today’s world, you have to be able to communicate with people; at least if you want them to actually show up to the party.  In fact, as you’ll realize in the following examples, it’s the ability to share your clipboards with others that truly allows for you to expand your thoughts and ideas on a party.

When planning a child’s birthday party as a parent, you can imagine that it’s hard for other parents bringing their children to the party to know what to bring your child as a gift.  I mean unless your the president of your local Parent-Teacher Association, you probably won’t know every child that decides to have a birthday party in your son’s or daughter’s class.

Different scenario; let’s say you’re not a parent. Let’s say that you and three colleagues decide you want to organize a surprise party for a coworker who’s retiring at the end of the month.  Gathering at work to discuss the party could possibly ruin the surprise; and plus, trying to formulate everyone’s ideas separately could become hectic and disorganized.

On Clipix, you can share any of your clipboards as a Syncboard, and work collaboratively with anyone you’d like (assuming that he/she is already a Clipix member).  Syncboards enable you and your sync partner(s) to add clips to the same board in real time, so you can connect with the people attending your party instantaneously.  You’re also able to comment on any clip that your sync partner(s) add to the board, and vice-versa.  Syncboards are great for adding images too; so even parents who couldn’t make it to the party can see the pictures of their kids!

Whether you’re giving other parents insight on what your child might want for his/her birthday; or you and some friends from work decide to secretly brainstorm ideas for a surprise party; the syncboard is Clipix’s ideal feature for organizing and collaborating on party plans with other people.

If you’d like to share your clipboard with someone outside of Clipix, you can still do so by sharing the clipboard via email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Consistent, healthy doses of organization are vital to the success of your party.  Once you’ve organized all of your party ideas onto clipboards, you may find that you have a surplus of clipboards pertaining to the party spread across your Clipix page.  By dragging a clipboard onto another clipboard, you’re able to  compress any amount of clipboards within a single Multiboard, to take an even deeper measure of organization.

Multiboards give you the ability to store all of your ideas and information about one particular aspect of your life in one, definitive location, without having to scramble for anything in the days leading up to the party.

Facts are facts: parties are expensive.  Rarely will you find yourself in a situation where throwing a party isn’t expensive.  Regardless, on Clipix, you can mark any saved clip as a product, and set Price Drop Alerts on products you come across on the web.  Simply determine a target price that you’d like to pay for a product, and be immediately alerted when the item drops to that price.

Obviously for the smaller items — cups, paper plates, table cloths, small-sized party favors, etc. — you may not need to use price drop alerts, because these things are extremely cheap as it is.  However, for the larger, more expensive decor; like life-sized figures, wall banners, gift ideas, and anything else you may need to purchase for setup; price drop alerts may come in handy.

Possibly the most convenient aspect of Clipix is that even after the festivities, you’ll have all of your previous clips waiting for you the next time you decide to organize a party.

Being the host of a party can be a disorganized, expensive and stressful job to say the very least.  Nevertheless, Clipix has a variety of features that make planning a party seem easy and organized.  But you’ll never find out unless you try it for yourself.  Get your party started on Clipix!

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