Planning a Vacation with Clipix

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to try and plan a vacation, with or without people.  Between finding plane tickets, hotel rooms, and eventually an agenda, arranging the perfect vacation can be a hassle to say the least.

The most efficient way to manage and carry out a great vacation is by using Clipix.  An ideal tool for organization, Clipix is comprised of numerous functions that will inevitably lead you and your travel partner(s) to a fun-filled vacation.

Obviously, the first step in planning a vacation is deciding where to go.  Search, save and organize every detail about each possible destination onto an assortment of clipboards. Clipboards give you the ability to evaluate each location using key details and images of popular attractions, bars, clubs and restaurants that ultimately factor in to where you decide to go.

Additionally, Clipix’s partner Forbes Travel Guide can help you find related itineraries, informative articles, enjoyable activities and the histories of all your potential vacation landings.  Simply save all of your Forbes’ findings onto your clipboards, and organize them in any which way you deem appropriate.

You may not have to create more than one or two clipboards to plan your vacation, but you might.  If you feel as though you need an even stronger sense of organization, condense all of your clipboards into one ‘vacation’ multiboard.  The multiboard feature will allow you to view all of your ‘vacation’ clipboards on one screen, so everything’s right in front of you.

Nonetheless, the most exciting characteristic of clipboards is being able to share them with anyone.  When planning a vacation, especially with other people, sharing is most definitely caring.  Clipix allows you to convert your clipboards to syncboards, so both you and your travel companion(s) can collaborate on different ideas to the same board in unison. This way each member of the syncboard can “put their two cents in” when making a decision on where to go and what to do when you all arrive.


From the lowest prices in airfare to the sweetest deals on hotels and resorts, Clipix’s Price Drop Alert will help make your vacation as affordable and inexpensive as possible.  With Price Drop Alert, you’re notified whenever the cost of a certain product (hotel rooms, cruises, airfare, etc.) drops to your desired price.

So for any journey that you embark on in the future, use Clipix to make planning it that much more enjoyable, affordable and considerably less stressful.

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