Ticket Buying Made Organized

Due to technological advances (and large profits), the online market of ticket buying has grown considerably. Between StubHub, SeatGeek, Ticketmaster and wherever else, the internet has accumulated such a wide variety of places to buy tickets from.

When I’m ticket hunting online, I frequently find that some sites have either better prices or better available seating than others. Then, after I’ve done my research, I normally have trouble remembering the site that had the best available seats for the most affordable prices.  I could’ve written down the details, but let’s be honest; in the age of technology, there must be an easier method.

Clipix has a simple way of saving and organizing all of your ticketing information so that you’ll never lose any of it, and find the tickets that are perfect for you, and your wallet.

Online ticket buying with Clipix starts with saving.  On Clipix, everything you save online is stored as a “Clip” within a Clipboard. Clipboards give you the ability to organize anything related to a specific aspect of your life (In this case, ticket information) within a single online location.

When clipping a ticket, you can mark it as a product and place a price tag on the clip, so you know which sites had the best prices. Additionally, you can set either an image or caption (Custom Thumbnail) as the cover of each clip, so you know which site is which, or which event is which.

Instead of scrolling through your browser’s history, or searching through endless Google results;  clipboards can supply you with easy-access to all of your important ticket details (pricing, seating, venue/location, artist(s)/team(s), etc.).

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve gone to a concert with a friend, and later find out that I paid almost twice as much for my ticket than they did for theirs.

Even better, say you and some friends decide to buy tickets for a football game.  On the day of the game, you all pull up to the stadium, host a little tailgate party, and begin to make your way to the entrance gate.  It’s not until you’re standing on the security line just minutes away from game-time when you realize that everyone had a different gate number.  Not only did each of you have to enter the stadium through different gates, but all of your seats were at opposite ends of the building.

Fortunately, Clipix has a way to avoid these not-so-fortunate moments.

By sharing your clipboards as Syncboards, you can “clip collaboratively” with other Clipix members, and add clips to the same board simultaneously.  You can also comment on any clip that your sync partner(s) adds to that board, and vice-versa.  So just when you think you’ve found the best available tickets; another syncboard member may have found something even better.  If you’re searching for tickets with two, three or more people, syncboards can make things a lot less confusing for everyone in the group.

You can also retrieve your clipped tickets on your phone using the Clipix Mobile App; so you can find and buy tickets on-the-move, even when you’re on your way to an event.

Buying tickets online can be an annoying and frustrating ordeal.  Don’t squander away another potentially great experience because you couldn’t get organized.  By choosing Clipix to organize your ticket information, not only will you save yourself time and confusion, but you’ll always find the seat you want.

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