Tips on Holiday Shopping: Part II

Have you ever seen something that you absolutely fall in love with, but you know that in a month’s time that same “something” is going to be on sale for a significantly lesser price?

What if you were able to save that item and be informed when its price drops to your liking?  Imagine being able to do that with your entire holiday shopping list.

With the Price Drop Alert feature on Clipix, you’re able to do just that.  You can set alerts on any “clipped” product you desire.  When the price of that product falls below your target price, you’ll receive a notification email and a separate notification on your Clipix page.

Don’t miss out on the deal of a lifetime because you “couldn’t get to the computer.”  Receive all of your price drop alert notifications on-the-go and download the Clipix mobile app on your iPhone or Android.  This way you’ll be able to snag the best deals as soon as their available without having to check your computer for days at a time.

It’s simple; clip the item, select your preferred price drop alert and let Clipix take care of the rest.

So what are you waiting for? Join Clipix and make your holiday shopping experience as enjoyable and inexpensive as ever before.

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