Tips to Manage Your Social Media

How many times have you tried to show your friends a video you saw on Facebook and then completely forget where you saw it or who posted it?  From personal experience, I know this to be an issue.

Whether it’s an Instagram picture, funny tweet or interesting Facebook post, Clipix can help you manage all of your social media streams without having to dig deep into the archives.

For as much time as you spend aimlessly scanning feeds and timelines, wouldn’t it make sense to just save the posts, tweets and pictures that capture your interest right as they appear on your timeline? The fact of the matter is it would, and it would save you even more time trying to find them again if you wanted to do so.

Create a clipboard for each of your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram etc.).  Now it’s up to you, but for a more manageable situation, you’re able to group all of your clipboards into one large Multiboard to make it even easier on yourself.

Now Clipix isn’t generally a “sharing-based” tool, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be.

Instead of showing your friends videos from your phone, create a social media Syncboard and invite friends to share their posts with you, and vice versa.  This way you and your friends will see all of the same posts, regardless of who you follow personally.  The best part is that they can look at all Syncboard posts with their own phones!

Clip anything you’d like from your social media streams. Turn your Instagram board into beautiful photo gallery or your Tumblr board into a moving masterpiece. The possibilities on Clipix are endless.

Start organizing your life today and stay tuned on Friday for more on Syncboards!

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