Tips to Organize Your Recipes

Everyone knows that with the holiday season comes delicious food.  With Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas quickly approaching; food is most definitely a top priority, especially if you’re the host!

Between appetizers, entrees, desserts and the infamous turkey, there are so many different cooking recipes and techniques to try and remember.  Clipix has multiple features that make saving and organizing all of your favorite recipes as easy as can be.

The Clipboard feature allows you to save any of your online or offline cooking recipes in one place, so everything you need to know is right in front of you.  Whether it’s an interesting food article, homemade recipe or just a mouth-watering image, you can save all of it onto a clipboard.  You’re also able to add offline work; like documents, PowerPoints, spreadsheets or PDF files you have related to cooking; directly to your clipboard.

Before you ask yourself, “What if I want to make more than one clipboard?”; allow me to introduce the Multiboard.  By creating a multiboard, you’re able to compress all of your ‘cooking’ clipboards onto a single multiboard.  You can break your clipboards down into any which way you’d like: by holiday, by meal (dinner, dessert, etc.) or specifically by food (soups, chicken, Italian, etc.).  The multiboard makes the idea of ‘organizing’ simple, timely and manageable.

Lastly, being able to share your clipboards is key.  By converting a clipboard to a Syncboard, you’re able to work collaboratively with others, and add ideas to the same board in real time.  So as the days nearing the holidays wind down, your family and friends will be able to view your cooking plans, and add their own too.  The syncboard is a great way to present your cooking agenda to the family, and an even better way to avoid unpleasant surprises at the dinner table.

When you’re responsible for preparing the food during the holidays, staying organized can be problematic.  Save yourself the frustration, and use Clipix to save and organize all of your cooking recipes for the upcoming holidays.

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