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Give your website visitors the power to save = higher ROI

Add the clipix widget next to your Facebook, Twitter, or any other social icon, and give your users the ability to SAVE content from your site onto their private or public clipboards.

Once a visitor has a clip of your content or products they’ll be much more likely to come back!

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It's Easy!
Just choose your widget style, then copy the code!
1. Style & Size
2. Button Type
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Webpage URL

When creating your own design, please be sure to include the Clipix branding. Once your button is created, paste it's URL into the field and generate your code:

3. Code
Once you've chosen your widget, copy & paste this code for your clipix widget into the html where you want it to appear on your site!
To install multiple Clipix widgets on a single page you may repeat the <div> elements as many times as needed, while the <script> element need to be included only once at bottom of the page.
Note: The "url", "imagesrc" and "title" attributes should be filled as needed.
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