Clipix Tools

The Browser Extension
Add the browser extension to save anything from any website!
Save products you want to buy, and set price drop alerts.
Import Pins, save from Facebook, Twitter and more.
Get the browser extension for:
Android & iPhone Apps
Clipix is on the cloud so even if your computer breaks down or you leave your phone on the subway, your stuff is safe.
Our free mobile apps for iPhone and Android, are an easy way to save and manage your clips everywhere you go.
✓ Save it
The "Save it" Button
To save clips from any website, drag the "SAVE IT" button to your bookmarks bar.
If you don’t see your Bookmarks Toolbar, display it by clicking View > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar
✓ Save it ?
(this is your bookmarks bar)
the button will appear like this
Once Installed, you can go to any website and
press the button to save a clip!
Add Me! (drag me to your bookmarks bar)